Mr and Mrs Coyle, SW Vineyard Villa, May 2014 with BS And CG
Some people make great road trip companions, eh CG.
I make the journey between Wales and South West France many times a year, normally travelling alone. On bad days it is stressful, dull or both and on a good day it is still exhausting
So what happy news that one of our best regular photographers (a pure chance supplier since 2011) happens to live 5 minutes from you back in the home land
And I say, here starteth new and fun packed journeys to France.
Provided you are both running events at the same time that is.
Thanks to CG for staying awake, for not objecting to any of my music choices or the smell of my walking boots. They were comfy but never again.  I think we will both agree.
And to the lovely Mr and Mrs Coyle. Your day was super. Great people, great fun, great times. It was an A class affair with the right team to match and a fine execution. Thanks to all those involved as always x
May we all meet again at the (already planned I believe) 5 year anniversary
Perhaps C and I will take another road trip – but this time he can pick me up at a sensible time and not 01h30