Happy Christmas 

I may have mentioned before how much I love short lead in events

When I say short lead in, I mean by that is any event with less than 3-6 months to plan (some clients have had as little as 6 weeks!)

There is somehow a more heightened excitement, a greater sense of abandon about doing something with little time to work. The clients tend to be naturally laid back about their event which is always helpful in such scenarios. It is more about doing something special but quickly (for whatever reason that might be and often it is simply that the mood takes them) and having as much fun as possible

I often get asked by enquires, is it really possible to plan a great event with less than 6 months to go?

The answer in short is a big fat yes ! At this time of year I look forward to the possibility of some such weddings

So for my post this Christmas and New Year I am going to feature some of the fantastic things on offer over the 2015 season. There are always at this point in the year, some venues with 1 or 2 slots left that they would like to fill. I always find the couples who embrace short lead in are also the ones with a key eye for a great deal and at the moment, there are a few out there. Some you can see below.

And a very happy Christmas to the photographers who contribute. Specifically for this post, to AS, SW, CG and LTJ

And for the lions share here, Happy Christmas to JAM. Thanks for always leading the way John

1. A French Fairytale

The Fairytale Chateau – Up to 4k off remaining dates in 2015

2. Views to die for (part 1)

The Grand Chateau – Special offer on 23 May weekend 

3. Views to die for (part 2)

The Private Village – Special MMIF price on all remaining weekends 

4. The Great Outdoors (by day…)

Majestic Chateau – 2k discount on venue rental for dates in Sept and Oct 2015 

5. The Great Outdoors (by night…)

Old Cognac Estate – Wedding planning offer for dates remaining in 2015

6. “Location Location Location”

Secret garden – special price for 3 day rental between 5 – 8 Sept 2015

7. Dine like a King

The Historic Chateau – 20% off rentals 2 May or 9 May weekends in 2015 

8. New Kid on the block

The Romantic Chateau – Special prices for April and Oct events in 2015 

9. June amongst the vines

Vineyard Villa – 6 June 2015 still available