Exceptional discountsSecret Garden for June 2017 at Secret Garden. Last minute does not have to be stressful – in fact it can be a lot of fun!

2 June – Grand Chateau – Due to cancellation special offer on this date – enquire for details – over 3000 euros reduction

3 June 2017 and 17th June 2017 at the Fairytale Chateau – Up to 2500 euros off venue rental


8th July at Chateau Charmant – now booked

15th July at the Romantic Chateau – Still available – 500 euros discount on rental

15th July Chateau Charmant – Now booked

29th July at Charmant Charmant – Now booked


12th August at the Charmant – still available

5th August Fairytale – now booked


2nd Sept, 9th Sept, 16th Sept at Fairytale – now booked

23rd Sept and 30th Sept Fairytale – Still available

2nd Sept Majestic Chateau – Now booked

16th, 23rd, 30th Sept at Elegant Domaine- Still available – 1000 euros discount on rental

30th Sept Historic Chateau – still available – 20% off rental

16th Sept Romantic – now booked

30th Sept – Romantic Chateau – still available

23rd and 30th Sept Grand Chateau – now booked

30th Sept – Chateau Charmant – still available – 500 euros discount

23rd Sept Country Club – now booked


October dates Fairytale Chateau – large discounts on Oct 2017 dates – still available

7th and 14th October at Elegant Domaine  1300 euros discount on rental – still available

7th and 14th October 2017 at Chateau Charmant – Excellent rates – Still available

14th October – Country ClubNow booked

Please enquire for details of all last dates. Beth, Nic and Kate would be delighted to discuss your enquiry