April 2014, Fairytale Chateau with BS and KM

It takes quite a bit, after 10 years in the industry and hundreds of weddings to make me stop and really study something. I look at thousands of wedding images every year and these days it takes something special or unusual (ideally both) to really get me. You know what I mean. That sort of “sit down quietly and really take a moment (actually quite some time ) with this” kind of thing

D and B thank you so much for being so lovely to work with and I extend that to all your friends and family. It really was a joy and the day was absolutely beautiful

And KM! You have shot the fairytale in a way I have never seen before. The use of only black and white for one thing. Group shots look beautifully quaint and old fashioned, sunlight gleaming in through trees and bouncing off stone work can only be captured by using both clever photographic technique and the right medium in which to show it. The little details are chic and the couple shots romantic.

Frankly, what more could you want and what a start to the 2014 season