Where do I start?

There are two ways to get a good idea of what your wedding in France might cost.

The first is to undertake a huge amount of research by gathering information sent to you by venues, suppliers or agents. You will need to try and make sure you are comparing like for like and ask all the right questions about what you might have missed. This can be very complex and very confusing.

The second is to consult experts such as ourselves. It is the quick, efficient and accurate way to do this and when you are spending a large sum of money it’s undeniably a sensible approach. Clear costs based on years of experience is one of the most vital parts of wedding planning service offered by MMIF.

We completely understand that everyone is different and only your way is the right way but we are very flexible about how we communicate so always feel free to get in touch and discuss what we can do alongside you. It may well not be what you think and it might be exactly what you need?

How can I see prices?

We do not list rental charges for properties on our website as it would be very difficult to do so in any meaningful way.

When comparing just the base line rental of event properties, it does not take into account varying charges, add-ons, specific supplier preferences and costs. You might easily rule a venue that’s perfect in your search or look at ones that are not at all right for you. We see this happen very frequently and so solid advice as the start is a great option.

Venue pricing set as a “from price” is often deceptive. The starting rental price will be either a special offer price or something not appropriate to most clients (low season, 1 night perhaps.) In broad terms, the price of the rental of the venue does not tell you anything you need in terms of the cost of a wedding there.

On enquiry with MMIF we will send you comprehensive information about the costs of the rentals across different seasons or scenarios and the other costs associated at no obligation in the early stages. Due the tailored nature of our service we prefer to take some key information from you and then draft you an accurate experience based projection of costs.

So what is a typical spend?

Our weddings range from 14000€ – 35000€ with the most common spend being around 28000€

As a rule smaller events tend to cost less and larger more. Dates may also play a role though some venues do price the same all your round. High summer events can be a more premium price but there are also some clever ways to maximise your budget and special offers at our venues.

Our average spend is in line with the normal UK average wedding spend. We work regularly with clients with larger budgets and we also (via Perfect Little Wedding) work with clients who have less than 14000. We pride ourselves on being open to anyone who has a French wedding dream and will do everything we can to work on the right costings with you.

Whilst the average cost is often the same as a wedding in your home country, the value for money can be so much greater. Several days with everyone, a holiday, amazing food and wine, quality services.