July 2010, The Old Cognac Estate and Brantome Abbey, JAM with BS and Mr and Mrs Likely

This post was prompted by having seen Mr and Mrs Likely a few weeks back. In the area for a holiday and to celebrate baby’s first. Many of our previous clients return for special occasions and to re-visit old wedding haunts and it is always great to catch up. In some cases planners and clients have gone on to become life long friends. The same family feel often extends to suppliers too. JAM went on a few years after this wedding to shoot the  groom’s brothers big day too

Our service is very personal and we have been told many times that we will be missed when it is all over

The way to not miss your new friends? Well, come back and visit!

C and C, it was so lovely to see you and to share birthday cake with baby. Look forward to seeing you next time