June 2014, JAM with KB at the Majestic Chateau 

With love and thanks to Lucy, Jack and the family

In a recent magazine article JAM said the following about Marry me in France

“I work on a variety of projects throughout the year, travelling in Vietnam, shooting stills and video with French chefs, the list goes on….

I’ve also shot my fair share of weddings so I really appreciate the team at Marry Me

They stand out from the rest

They are a joy to be with! They stage these wonderful weddings, apparently effortlessly; the beautiful styling of these wonderful chateaux and the relaxed and professional attitude of their capable team enable me to produce my very best images

They really do work a kind of magic!”

I post this with some degree of hesitation. On Just Married in France I have a delicate line to tread. Showing the work of which you are proud whilst not sounding arrogant about what you collectively create

The bottom line (and I have no problem saying it) is that the events you see are the result of many years of blood, sweat and tears on our parts. As rewarding as it is, our job is extraordinarily complex. You cannot plan weddings unless you are prepared to throw yourself into an emotional roller coaster head on and every day

And so I show the best of what is created by the venues and planners we promote. I do so in a very honest way. I mean every and every sentiment. Both about the people I work with (and yes I do confess to an unavoidable over-use of certain adjectives) and about the clients we feature

My hope is it will simply be judged in as real and honest a way as I write it