September 2014, The Country Club with K “Fairy Godmother” B and the equally magical JAM

A very beautiful Jo and Marc at the very beautiful Country Club. Love and congrats to you. Jo the event was simply stunning and I had to share what you said about our Katie. She is currently busy running the first event of the 2015 Season so here’s to you KB

“To this day we still get told ours was “The Best Wedding Ever” and I have to agree with them. It was everything and more. I know the weather was on our side but everything else was down to you and your amazing talent for visualising what we wanted and making it happen
The wedding guests asked me if we could take you home because “everyone needs a Kate in their life”, and they are right, and I’m so lucky to have had you in mine, during the most important yet stressful part of my life. We had the most wonderful time, and we truly couldn’t have done this without you.
Please continue to do what you do best…making dreams come true. You really are a Fairy Godmother!”