June 2015 – The Romantic Chateau – AM with our lovely Sue

Its a “Friends and Family” day on JMIF with more to come later in the year

Many close to me have married with us over the last 8 years

I think that this speaks volumes, both about the venues themselves and about the service our affiliate planners provide

Always embracing the extra pressure that comes with knowing (or indeed being part of) the family

It started with some old friends Rich and Holly, our first wedding at Fairytale back in 2007

Sister Amy and chef Sarah at the Country Club in 09 and 10

No less than 3 couples at the super Cognac Estate

Cheers to Matt Marie, Andy Egija and to Kate’s sister Sally

In 2016, old friends Em and Si marry at the Elegant Domaine. Super excited.

And my brother will marry here, at the Romantic chateau in August 2016. A bit excited about that too

I hope we can do it the same justice that Lauren and Adam, Sue and AM did in June

All the very best to you for the future Lauren and Adam and what a beautiful wedding you had

And bienvenue AM – welcome to the family !