Sept 2014, JAM with LB 

I love France

I have done since my childhood. I took my first steps in a small cottage in Dordogne at 9 months. My parents made the same region their second home in the 1990s. In the naughties I became engaged and then married in the same French field. My son was born in the Charente as was his much loved dog Maggie

Beyond the personal, the best thing about France its variety and diversity. I have said many a time, you can travel a matter of hours and be in a different world. It was the thing that I most enjoyed during my ten years living in France. Being transported. Driving between such contrasting areas, each as beautiful as the one before

For this event we quickstep over to the Riviera and whilst the French part of my heart sits amongst cobblestones in Dordogne valley this was a truly lovely thing to be part of

Something that perfectly exemplifies the diversity of which I speak

With huge congrats to Kaitlin and Sean and thanks for introducing us to beautiful Cassis